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I am addicted to myspace. I can’t help it, it is just so compelling. My flatmate is also addicted, and when we discuss our days it usually ends up being about what happened on myspace, our theories about those we stalk and who to add. Sometimes we go out in real life, and have devolved to the point that when a hot girl walks past we say “I’d add it” rather than “I’d hit it”.

I had to take action.

At 1AM on Monday morning I logged off myspace for a self-imposed one week ban. I have so much more time now, I get more done and sleep more. I miss it though, and find myself thinking “I’ll just check…” and luckily catch myself in time. I have forbidden my flatmate from telling me about what is happening with my Top Friends, although she lets things slip from time to time. I get email from myspace telling me I have new messages, new comments. I leave them unread. I am not going to kick, it is just a break. That thought, the promise of return, keeps me sane.

In 30 hours and 42 minutes I will be allowed back on. So I have decided on my next one-week activity, and it is inspired by myspace. One of my top friends, Melissa, was the first vegetarian I ever met, at a party when I was about fifteen. She is now a vegan and I have been wondering how difficult it would be. She tells me that it is easy but I was a vegetarian when I was with Jai and that presented challenges. Veganism is harder, no dairy or honey or anything animal at all. So, from the moment that I first log in to myspace, I will eat vegan for one week. I won’t be a real vegan, as I wouldn’t be able to wear my leather shoes etc, so it is just a dietary restriction.

I will be in good company. Thom Yorke, who wrote one of the best songs in the world (Paranoid Android), is a vegan.

I am looking forward to the food. Because there is not a lot of pre-made / takeaway vegan food available I will be cooking all my meals instead of just two or three dinners a week. I haven’t cooked channa dhal for a long time and I am getting hungry just thinking about it. My dhal rocks, I make the garam masala myself. I will post the recipe when I have re-perfected it.

What will my mission be for the following week? Let the comments flow with suggestions…


  1. Andreja says:

    How can I break it to Darryn that he has very … common musical tastes?

    Spong Beaux says:

    post it to his blog.

    Spong Beaux says:

    He’ll like that

    Spong Beaux says:


    Spong Beaux says:


    Spong Beaux says:

    he will be happy that there is a comment.

    Spong Beaux says:

    and that he is able to flame

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