uncle dog

On Saturday I went out to lunch with Mum, Michelle and Sampson to celebrate Mum’s birthday. We went up to Leura for lunch at cafe Bon Ton and had a good meal and a good time. Afterwards we went browsing through Leura and I bought some more candles from Moontree and drop from the lolly shop.

Some backstory: Michelle has been periodically telling Sampson that my name is Uncle Dog, although she usually calls me Uncle Darryn. She doesn’t do this to confuse Sampson, it is more just to tease me.

I was driving us back from Leura in Mum’s car and Michelle was entertaining Sampson. She was saying to him “Who’s that driving the car? That’s your Uncle Darryn isn’t it? That’s Uncle Darryn”.

Sampson responded with one word: “DOG!”.

Michelle and Mum both gasped and through the mirror I saw Michelle with eyes wide and mouth agape. Sampson doesn’t say many words. He is only 11 months old.

So, for the rest of my life, it looks like I will be Uncle Dog. I kinda like that. I will be the “cool uncle”. In fact, I already am.

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