From Breigh’s 25 Things That Make Me Want To Kill You list:

18. Secrets… I hate secrets I don’t know about. Especially if people act like pricks about it and let you know there is a secret you don’t know. For christs sake, if you’re not going to tell me the secret than don’t tell me it exists, you jackass.

This is referring to me, last week I took a while to tell her my deepest darkest secret and she went mental with anticipation. So tonight…

– darryn says (7:53 PM):
shit 18 is about me
Breigh says (7:54 PM):
– darryn says (7:55 PM):
btw i have another secret
Breigh says (7:56 PM):
oh shut up
– darryn says (7:56 PM):
ok, well if you don’t want to know…
Breigh says (7:56 PM):
ok tell me
– darryn says (7:56 PM):
Breigh says (7:56 PM):
god I’m such a sucker
Breigh says (7:57 PM):
omfg .. die!


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