wet air

OMG! Tammy! You have no idea what humidity is. I’ve been to some places where it is so humid you can’t even breathe. The mildness of the Dutch summer is like dry desert air compared to everywhere else. Hahahahaha. I am a bad man.


From Breigh’s 25 Things That Make Me Want To Kill You list: 18. Secrets… I hate secrets I don’t know about. Especially if people act like pricks about it and let you know there is a secret you don’t know. For christs sake, if you’re not going to tell me the secret than don’t tell… Continue reading pwned


My flatmate Sonia has been emailing me photos of Milla all day, possibly because we watched You Stupid Man recently (a good movie, and Milla did very well). I responded with a photo of Leeloo, and this got me thinking. After reading Hamish’s blog the other day, I have compiled a list of my favourite… Continue reading Multipass

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Home, yet homesick

I was just watching a tiny spider crawling across my pillow and I thought to myself “meh, in Australia our spiders are heaps bigger than that”. Then I remembered that I am in Australia now. It doesn’t seem real. I still say alsjeblieft when I pay for things, but now it is kinda under my… Continue reading Home, yet homesick