Flight            : Virgin Blue                        	DJ878 (Economy Class)	

Departing         : Sydney                             	at 6:45 PM on Thursday	
                  : Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport     	30/11/2006	
Arriving          : Melbourne                          	at 8:15 PM on Thursday	
                  : Tullamarine Airport                	30/11/2006	

Flight            : Virgin Blue                        	DJ885 (Economy Class)	

Departing         : Melbourne                          	at 7:15 PM on Monday	
                  : Tullamarine Airport                	4/12/2006	
Arriving          : Sydney                             	at 8:35 PM on Monday	
                  : Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport     	4/12/2006

It will be good to see Mel and Jem again, I didn’t get to spend more than a few minutes with them last time they were in Sydney. Mel has the Friday off so I get three days with her. Hooray!


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