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On Wednesday I took delivery of my newest shirt, a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt from Make U Smile Tees. I only found this site recently, they make licensed shirts from all kinds of movies and TV shows etc. I was looking for firefly/serenity shirts, FOX closed down the good old Blue Sun Shirts website so I did a search. The fruity oaty bar shirt just jumped out at me, I told Amelia about it and she bought herself one immediately.

The shirt is made from a lightweight cotton, good for Summer. I got a large but it is a little too small for me, I will probably buy an XL to replace it. I wish everyone just used American Apparel shirts, the large size fits me perfectly. The cotton smelled funny but this was fixed after a wash. I like the colour and texture, it is unusual and kinda fits the Serenity ‘verse.


The shirt is themed on a scene in the movie Serenity where an ad for Frutiy Oaty Bars is played in a dodgy bar and it triggers River’s killing powers.

One of the best things about the shirt is that I got it for FREE! Or, at least, I didn’t pay any money for it. They have a webmasters program where a PR3 or higher site that links to them can get a shirt for free. I think it is a good deal for both sides, as long as the webmasters are honest. Anyway I was personally contacted by the owner of the site for some feedback, which was nice. I told him what I honestly thought and also suggested (requested?) some new designs based on Jayne’s shirts in Firefly. Now that Blue Sun is closed down I cannot get my fix, and anyway their shirts were ill-fitting and aged poorly.

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