yay! new threadless delivery

I got a new shipment of threadless shirts today, I have been expecting them for a few days now. They just had one of their $10 sales so I bought four shirts, although I really only cared for 2 or 3 of them. In descending order of fondness, they are:



I like this one because it is green, which suits me, and because I am as sweet and innocent as a little lamb.

marshmallow factory

Marshmallow Factory

Charlie the Unicorn and Afternoon Delight meet with cuteness. This is my flatmate, Megatron’s, favourite of this shipment.

strength in numbers

Strength in Numbers

I liked the colour of the shirt, but the actual shirt delivered is a teal/aqua colour of which I am not too fond. The design is ok but not awesome.


Clouds Within the Thunder

This is the one I bought because it was only $10. It is a nice shade of red but the print is off-centre, too large, and doesn’t really stand out.

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