New Zealand Photos Up!

I had the photos of my New Zealand adventure developed today. I have scanned in the better of them and upped them for your perusal here. Thank god for Debabelizer and JavaScript, tonight they were my two best friends. I would also like to thank radium for the scripts I stole, modified, and used for the photo page.

In other news you can obviously see that I DID end up getting a flaming logo. I used classes developed by the AnfyTeam, and since I used them for my domain, I bought them. For $20 US it isn’t much of a sting, and you get FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! You can even make it blue, if you want. I plan on adding in another of their applets, a little java paint program that actually allows saving (it sends a .jpeg to a nominated email address).

All of the New Zealand photos were taken with disposable cameras. I was both impressed and disappointed with the quality of the shots. They were a lot clearer than I had expected, at least for long distance shots of still objects, but up close they were a little blurry.

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