Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen

The Dutch have a different set of December celebrations to us Aussies. They seperate the religious celebration of Christmas from the ‘Santa Claus’ celebration. Of course, they don’t have Santa Claus. They have Sinterklaas, on whom Santa Claus was based. Every December, Sinterklaas comes to the Netherlands from Spain, by steamboat. He mounts his trusty… Continue reading Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen

Google pwnage

From time to time I check out my logs and am often surprised to see the things for which Google perceives me as an authority. Some of the latest: How to make a nuclear reactor (google) #1 The Blue Power Core is critical (google) #1 BitchKrieg (google) #1 Flaming Logo Writing (google) #1 dottext skin… Continue reading Google pwnage

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GDI+ is pissing me off

I thought GDI+ was supposed to be good. I am sure that it is better than whatever came before, but as far as I can tell its JPEG encoding is poor. Consider the following code, which creates a BMP format file from a System.Drawing.Image: System.Drawing.Image myImage = thumbnail( afileName ); //makes the image ImageCodecInfo myImageCodecInfo;… Continue reading GDI+ is pissing me off

How I got started

The first computer I ever used was a Vector Graphics Vector 3 which ran CP/M. My Dad brought it home when I was six years old and I became immediately enamoured of this device for two reasons: it had a space game; and to load the game you had to enter “boot floppy” at the… Continue reading How I got started

One step closer

This afternoon I took and passed the CompTIA exam 220-302 A+ Operating Systems Technologies. With this result I have completed the requirements for the A+ 2003 certification. Something to put on the resumé, and a part of my uni course. Once again the exam was a doddle and required no study. I finished it in… Continue reading One step closer


The lawn – it matters

You can tell that Summer is almost here when the grass starts to grow. Last mown in April, the lawn lay dormant throughout Winter and sprung* to life in September, requiring a thorough mowing by mid-October. Not even four weeks later and the grass is overgrown and badly needs a mow. Weather permitting this will… Continue reading The lawn – it matters


Kip and I watched The Passion of the Christ last night. I am not a Christian, although I went to a Christian school and so knew the story. Despite my lack of faith, the film moved me. I hear people say that some disturbing thing ‘sickens’ them, and always thought it was a figure of… Continue reading Untitled