KL Day 1 continued

After my last post we went to an area called Bangsar to drink and hopefully get satay. This neon lit area is a few square blocks of bars and market stalls, a bit ex-pat but also for trendy locals.We looked around for satay, found a few places but the hygiene looked very much on the side of bacteria so I decided to skip it this time. We had a couple of beers at a modern bar, and when we went to pay I spied a bottle of lychee liqueur behind the bar. Kirsten is a massive lychee fan and has taken advantage of its bountifulness here many times. With this in mind I decided a special treat was in order and got us each a shot. The barman w as so impressed with our choice that he went out back and brought us out a complimentary shot each of lychee vodka that he had made himself, it was good and powerful.

Still able to see, we went in search of food. We found a Malay/Indian place which was full of locals. I ordered Kway Teoh, my first of the trip but Kip got flustered and accidentally ordered plain rice with a whole bird on top. Possibly a pigeon. My meal at least was delicious.


  1. Hey Kip – It sounds like you should leave the ordering to Dazz. – What did the Lychee Shots taste?

  2. So I was right then! Neon lights, dodgy street vendors…. KL is just like Blade Runner!! What offland planet were the overhead blimps advertising? Have you seen any replicants yet? I would imagine not, without a microscope…

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