Sonz just demanded that I list the songs that I have deliberately gotten stuck in her head over the last year of living together: we like the moon banana phone rainbow stylin’ evil monkey the song that gets in everybody’s head

jewegg and the chinaman

It is 6:36AM and I just had one of the funnest nights ever. It was the last night as flatmates for Slorebags and I and we did what we always do together: went out to hunt randoms. In this spirit, Dandom the Random came over and we went up to the Oaks for a few.… Continue reading jewegg and the chinaman


big day

For Michelle’s (my sister’s) birthday I gave her a ticket to the Big Day Out. This is an annual music festival similar to Lollapalooza etc. There are a lot of bands playing over the course of the day, but I only needed to see one name: Tool. Tool are the best band in the history… Continue reading big day


I have two girls in my life named Bek. To avoid confusion, and until further notice, they shall be referred to as Walkingrek and SPB, for differentiation purposes. They can fight amongst themselves as to who ends up with the title “Bek”.

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my chest hurts from laughing

Things My Boyfriend Says example: While snuggling: me: Who loves you? e: Megatron. In other, unrelated, news: Twin Elephants and Earth Brand Mustard Pickled Lettuce is nowhere near as delicious as it sounds. I won’t be eating it again.

want want

One of my most favouritest foods is Chinese dumplings, the Jiaozi kind. I buy a few bags every few weeks, and while I have them, I eat nothing else. I cook them in a stock made from wonton soup mix and sesame oil and eat them as a soup. The Knorr factory in HK no… Continue reading want want

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My Fitness First membership tag, made of metal, is ideal for scraping thermal transfer compound from a CPU’s surface.