Tonight, at the Shanghai Palace in Chatswood, I attended a Datacom/Microsoft Tech Support reunion dinner for those of us who suffered in the late 90’s in the days of Windows 98 and NT 4.0. I had worked closely with three of the guys there and, like any reunion, it was a mixture of slight awkwardness, reminiscing, and hearing about people’s lives. The food was the whitest possible without going as far as Sweet & Sour Pork, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. This, however, is not the subject of this post.

I arrived in Chatswood a full 40 minutes early (!) and, as it was late-night shopping, went for a walk up Victoria Ave in search of things to look at. The air was humid, smelling of Chinese spices, naphthalene, and a little bit of air conditioning mould. It was almost like being in KL.

The lure of Chatswood Westfields drew me in, and I remembered a background mission that I have been pursuing for some time: to get some new Volleys. I have looked in a Big W and 2 Kmarts but the selection has been poor in all cases. They never have any size 10’s (weird that I am size 11½ for every other shoe). Chatswood Target, however, is a Dunlop Volley shopper’s delight: they have every size of every colour. White with blue, white with green & gold, black, and white with green & gold, extra green trim, green laces and SKULLS inside! Guess which ones I bought? $30 = BARGAIN!


Aren’t they lovely? I think that I will wear them to see M.A.N.D.Y. on Saturday night. The green is the exact same as my new lamb shirt. I know that Lydia is reading this and groaning at my poor taste. I like them.


  1. Check out Rebel Sport next time Daz. They still stock em for grass court tennis, usually preffered by the cheap bastards, old gits …. and you apparently.

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