Tweekin 1, Darryn 0 (by Jai)

Tweekin’ oh Tweekin’ my one true Love. Darryn you are evoL and this can’t go on. I must cast you and your amazing cock aside for it is the Good and Smart thing to do. Sorry, I have had many happy times. Don’t ever speak to me again!

Lil Kidders Busted!

Well, the shit hit the fan last night. I was accosted for my part in the Little Kidders Project. Read about it on slutbiscuit.


Well, it has been a while, but now I am back! I have a new, faster host, and the server can run ASP. Look out soon – I will have the Ultra ASP action site up and running, using the XXXengine for total power. I have ditched the entry tunnel (the bit with orbiting darryn… Continue reading de-slack

Thunk you Stig

Whilst watching walkingrek procrastinate over the Sabs V Report, I unearthed, and ‘corrected’ an old photo from the 2-800-THUNK launch at the East Village Bar nearly a year ago. I got drunk that night. I may or may not have shouted things. domain craziness In a recent spate of domain-purchasing craziness, I have added to… Continue reading Thunk you Stig

International Shotgun Rules

by WyldKard at mendax (with permission) These rules were compiled from a variety of sources on the Internet, and modified for best readability, understanding, and conformity to the more popular set of shotgun rules. This consititution is fully endorsed and sanctioned by the International Shotgun Committee. A minor variation of this document was posted in… Continue reading International Shotgun Rules