Tweekin R.I.P.

After four years of ‘funky beats for music freaks’, Tweekin will shut its doors forever, 3 weeks after the 4th birthday party. This announcement brings out mixed feelings in me. With Tweekin closed, all chance of a return to the ‘glory days’ of 1997 have been dashed forever. I must accept that I will never… Continue reading Tweekin R.I.P.


Lucid @ 61

Last night I went to a party called Lucid held at 61 Regent Street. Having been to this venue a few times before, I was surprised to find that this event seemed a lot more professional than the ‘doofy’ feel I had expected. I arrived later than I had planned, and missed Ajax’s set, but… Continue reading Lucid @ 61


Art>Music LIVE

Last night Greg, walkingrek and I went to see “Art>Music LIVE”, a performance presented by the MCA and held in The Studio at the Opera House. It was the opening event for “Rock Pop Techno”, an exhibition held at the MCA. First up it was cheap beers in the Green Room (warning: don’t EVER buy… Continue reading Art>Music LIVE


A New Era

I have re-written the entire site, and it is finished enough for me to actually add an entry to the blog. Unfortunately this entry, and indeed the entire site, will not be visible for a few days, as Network Solutions have once again fucked me over. I am now waiting the eight days necessary to… Continue reading A New Era