An alternate blog

Ignore the title, it is an ‘in joke’. This is my blog following the trials of a man torn between pride and quality.


CutePDF Printer

At work we have a license for Adobe Acrobat, and it is my machine that gets the honours. This is not much of a problem as we do not produce PDF documents too often. When we do, we basically use Acrobat as a printer, we do not create fancy forms or anything like that. Acrobat… Continue reading CutePDF Printer

elf over twaalf

On Sunday we went wakeboarding with Ric in Middle Harbour. I had a great time swimming around the beach, riding in the boat and attempting to wakeboard. After six attempts I was unable to get up, although I did manage to get dragged underwater. I didn’t want to give up and let go of the… Continue reading elf over twaalf

Bullet Proof

Kirsten gave me a road bike. It is not in the best condition, but it serves its purpose well. I have so far been on 5 rides with it, two of them over 14 km, and the last one being 29.1 km. It is during this last ride that I discovered a feature of the… Continue reading Bullet Proof