tasty thai

I just got home from dinner with Walking Rek in Newtown. We went to a restaurant named Doy Tao, on the St Peter’s end of King Street. The food was good, and the portions were massive. There is no way that any normal human could consume a main that size. My tofu+vege stirfry was under ten bucks, good value in anyone’s book. I also now have tomorrow’s lunch.

After dinner, we went back to her place and I was greeted with a surprise: Crazy James has moved in to the spare room! He even painted it beforehand (or, at least, Gus did). Crazy James is a sommelier/wine dude and offered me a glass of a very tasty red that he brought home from work.

It is my birthday this Friday, in two days! A fellow Aquarius, Rek’s birthday is the following Monday. As it is her 30th she has decided to do something special and is going to Melbourne for a week. I will be joining her on Sunday and returning to Sydney on Tuesday night. Both flights are planned for the evening to allow some dissipation of the the anticipated hangovers. Saturday night is my birthday party, but not just my birthday. It is also my housewarming party!

That’s right, I am now the proud resident of a much better house in Cremorne, 600+ metres closer to The Oaks than my last. I live with two girls, Mega and Kat. They are both nice, happy girls and we are getting along well. I love that the house is relatively clean and smells nice, that it is a chick house. I have my own bathroom and my bedroom is very large, 4m x 4.4m. I can easily fit my bed, desk, bookshelves and the tetris. There are builtin wardrobes, 3.4m long. Electricity use is not only permitted, it is encouraged! This was the only house I looked at, I knew it was the one for me. There were ten other applicants and I was the one they chose because they, correctly, found me to be lovely.

Marianna, I hope you are happy that I just mentioned you in my blog.


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