On Sunday, Kirsten and I moved out of our house. All of our stuff is now in storage and we are homeless. We are staying with my Mum in the Blue Mountains for the next week or so, then it is off to Dad and Honey’s place for the remainder of our time in here.… Continue reading Homeless


Best birthday EVAR II

On Saturday Kirsten took me to Good Vibrations, a music festival held at Centennial Park in Sydney. I went with the expectation that I would be too old, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the crowd was about my age. Sure there were a few kids but the majority of people… Continue reading Best birthday EVAR II

Best birthday ever

Just got home from my ‘friends’ birthday dinner (as opposed to the ‘family’ birthday dinner). What a great time, at my favourite restaurant: Taiki in Lane Cove. I can still taste the Kabayaki* now, what heaven! I have a great bunch of friends and I am sure that we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Chris,… Continue reading Best birthday ever


It is already shaping up as a great birthday. Most of my immediate family have called and Kirsten has outdone her usual birthday surprise. I woke to a house filled with balloons, streamers and banners saying that “The party’s here”. Then it was time for the present hunt as Kip had hidden my gifts throughout… Continue reading HBD2Me

It is over

I am now thirty. Do not rely on me to post again as I will likely be suffering from dementia.

My site is badly written

Email from a reader: Sender: gusEmail: xxxxxx@yahoo.comIP Address: your page is badly written you cannt read the whole of the left had side on most browsers so its kinda stupid So, can you read it? I tested the design on IE, Firefox and Opera and it seemed ok to me. Perhaps this ‘gus’ is… Continue reading My site is badly written

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