good with the bad

Last night was the most important football game in the history of Australia. Australia vs Italy in the round of 16 of the World Cup, a knockout game. I went to the Crows Nest Hotel to watch the game, along with Sonia, and Sonia‚Äôs hot and very cool friend Lisa. When we arrived it was… Continue reading good with the bad



For my non-Australian readers, Australia just qualified for the next round of the FIFA World Cup, for the first time ever. Australia has never been a footballing (soccering?) nation but the Socceroos are now our national obsession and heroes. Every conversation includes at least an element of World Cup speculation and workplace absenteeism is at… Continue reading YYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!


Firefly ftw

Firefly is the best show ever in the history of the whole world, ever. I discovered it about a year ago and have been obsessed ever since. People I have converted: Breigh Kirsten Tristan Craigo Steph Kellie Aaron (my brother) Nicola Greg Adam Bits Michelle C To be converted: Michelle (my sister) Sonia Melvin Lisa… Continue reading Firefly ftw