Sonz just demanded that I list the songs that I have deliberately gotten stuck in her head over the last year of living together: we like the moon banana phone rainbow stylin’ evil monkey the song that gets in everybody’s head

big day

For Michelle’s (my sister’s) birthday I gave her a ticket to the Big Day Out. This is an annual music festival similar to Lollapalooza etc. There are a lot of bands playing over the course of the day, but I only needed to see one name: Tool. Tool are the best band in the history… Continue reading big day

my chest hurts from laughing

Things My Boyfriend Says example: While snuggling: me: Who loves you? e: Megatron. In other, unrelated, news: Twin Elephants and Earth Brand Mustard Pickled Lettuce is nowhere near as delicious as it sounds. I won’t be eating it again.


My Fitness First membership tag, made of metal, is ideal for scraping thermal transfer compound from a CPU’s surface.


Electricity is an incredibly expensive thing. If you don’t believe me, ask my (soon to be ex) flatmate. He sees gigantic dollar signs flying out of the wall all the time. He lives in Hell. Thanks to his unspoken education, I have been able to compile a list of my things that use a lot… Continue reading electrickery

flatmates since 1993

Stuart Adam (x2) Chris (x3) Winston Nicola (x2) Mark Maiko Attracta Fiona (x2) (gf) Kerrie Greg Dan Olivia Tristan Jai (x2) (gf) Kellie Kirsten (x4) (gf) Sebastian Niamh Julia Melvin Sonia [update] I had an interview for a share house today and they asked me about previous flatmates. It got me thinking a bit about… Continue reading flatmates since 1993