Day 8: Lankawi touring

We wanted to stray away from the resort area and see a bit of the island, so we hired some motorcycles. Please note that they were not scooters or mopeds, but real motorcycles. Softcock 110cc motorcycles, but motorcycles nonetheless. This was the first time I have ever ridden a motorcycle and I was pretty scared… Continue reading Day 8: Lankawi touring

Day 7: Langkawi

Slept in, ate breakfast (fish fingers). As we were late, all of the deck chairs and lounges had been reserved by people putting towels on them, despite the “no reserving” sign, and despite that almost all the chairs were empty but the towel. We sat at the bar (not drinking beer) and watched like hawks… Continue reading Day 7: Langkawi

Some photos up

I am at a bar in KL airport that has wireless so I uploaded a pre-written post and added some more photos to my holiday galleries: Kuala Lumpur Singapore Pulau Langkawi Pulau Penang I have notes for quite a few many more posts and I hope to write them on the plane and post when… Continue reading Some photos up

Day 5: Singapore to KL

We got up early as our bus to KL was due to depart at 8am. We got there at about 7:50 and were the first to arrive. The bus was sitting there with the engine on and no driver and no other passengers. We loaded our luggage and proceeded to wait…eventually a few more passengers… Continue reading Day 5: Singapore to KL

Paper money

Remember 15 years ago when money was made out of paper? Well now I am reliving the horror. Both Malaysia and Singapore use paper money and I am not pleased with it. It gets all scrunkled up in my pocket and falls on the ground when I put my hand in.

KL Day 2

After our simple breakfast we headed out to the National Mosque. Kirsten wore her head scarf (purchased earlier) and I remembered to wear long pants, I even shaved well just in case. The mosque was very beautiful, and from the inside did not look so much like the Jedi Temple, there was a comfortable feeling… Continue reading KL Day 2