brotherly love

– darryn says (10:28 PM):well too bad you won’t be there on saturday cos i would fuck you up Pharaoh Reece # Am – Heh says (10:28 PM):aahahah Pharaoh Reece # Am – Heh says (10:28 PM):yeah right nut job – darryn says (10:28 PM):crying tears of blood like a bitch, a zombie bitch Pharaoh… Continue reading brotherly love

bek is famous

from phatxtacy33‘s Live Space: Hooters opened up in para the other night so being hungry boys we decided to check it out. far man!! it was crazy, something ive never seen b4, it was like a titie bar and restaurant combined! service was real good, friendly and stuff haha our waitress was Bek… oooohhh Bek… Continue reading bek is famous

The Rules of The Space

If any friend (other than a Top Friend) sends a chain bulletin, comment or message, instantly delete them. If a Top Friend does this, massively demote them as appropriate. Tell them why. If a Russian bride says that she likes cooking, Deny her. If she doesn’t: she is special, and can be added. If anyone… Continue reading The Rules of The Space

chambers of horror

This evening I went to help out my good mate Chris, who had a computer problem. He is a barrister, and it was the first time I had ever actually been inside his chambers. It was exactly what you would expect, walls lined with wooden shelves filled with hundreds of volumes of law books. I… Continue reading chambers of horror

be nice to me

The limit is five tickets per customer, if you don’t think I like you enough to give you one then I suggest getting tix NOW from inthemix or fuzzy or even ticketek. Even if you think I will give you one, get some anyway. ebay profiteering ftw. The lineup so far is: Martin SolveigKaskadePlump DJsMylo… Continue reading be nice to me


Last night I went up to the slounge for a few drinks. Met Slore and Snugs, also Sam and Messex. Slore and Snugs left early and some random girl came and sat with us. I thought she was one of Messex’s friends. Messex and Sam got up to go to the bar and I was… Continue reading freak


I completely forgot and ate an oyster. Tasted damn good though.